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We are not just lawyers, we are people too

LoMonaco Law, LLC is a small law firm that helps their clients do big things.  We are not here to just give legal advice, we strive to add value to your transactions and ventures. Whether its selling your home, starting a new business, or defending a lawsuit, we treat our clients like they are a part of our LoMonaco Law team.  We do this by helping our clients navigate the decisions surrounding our representation, providing legal and practical advice about growth strategies, bottom lines and efficiency. Beyond that, we are not just lawyers, we are people too.  We understand most people call us when they are undergoing stress in their life – we are here and ready to help reduce that stress.

We are not just lawyers, we are people too

We specialize in real estate, business law, and estate planning

We specialize in real estate, business law, and estate planning. We do not just know the law, we practice it every single day.  We do not pretend to be experts in everything and we certainly are not generalists. We limit the cases and clients we take to only those areas that we have a demonstrated expertise. Rest assured though, if one of our clients’ needs a specialist, we will find them one we trust. Whether its figuring out the best solution to pass assets to your kids when you pass away, navigating the attorney review and inspection process of selling your home, or helping you launch that business you’ve been thinking about for years, we have done all those things a few hundred times.

We believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity

We believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity as the guiding principles behind all of our professional relationships.  Our representation is always centered around our client’s best interests.

Client appreciation, attention to detail, and excellent value actually matter to us. We do not just want to be your lawyers for this transaction, we want to be your lawyers for life. The majority of our referrals come from past clients or third parties who have worked with us in the past.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LoMonaco Law staff and attorneys are working around the clock to give our clients current legal advice. The laws, orders, and procedures are changing rapidly and LoMonaco Law is adjusting to meet this ever changing demand. In addition to increasing our staff and hours, we are furthering our areas of expertise and expanding our practice to meet the needs of our clients. Please contact us directly to find out if we can handle your particular legal issue.

To our current clients: If you are experiencing a legal emergency, please contact Lauren LoMonaco on her cell phone. We are here to help.

Is LoMonaco Law Open?

Yes. However, most of staff is working remotely. Our phones are being answered during normal business hours, but the fastest way to get a hold of our team is via email to Lauren@lomonacolaw.com. That email address is constantly reviewed and managed by our entire team and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Can we meet in person/ do you use utilize audio/visual technologies?

Yes. Law firms are an essential business and therefore exempt from the Shelter in Place order. As such, if you need to meet in person or you prefer to attend your real estate closing in person, one of our attorneys will be able to meet with you. For safety and convenience, we prefer telecommunication when possible. We utilize Microsoft Teams, Google Duo, FaceTime, and Zoom.  

Are real estate closing still happening?

Yes- and the market is very active at this time. The attendance at closings is now limited to Buyers and Buyer’s attorneys only. When we are representing the Sellers, we drop off the original documents with the title company and sign all of documents electronically. We are also able to accommodate “curbside” closings where the documents are brought to you in your car, and we review them over the phone. Please note, curbside closings tend to take 2-3 hours, so please budget additional time.

Are the Courts open?

Generally, no. However, the Courts are beginning to utilize technology to allow for certain motions and hearings. We are monitoring this on a daily basis and will update all of our active litigation clients as to the status of their case. 

Can you notarize documents remotely?

Yes. Governor Pritzker is now allowing for online notarization. The rules governing it are complex, so please contact us to learn more.

Stay safe and be well.