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Estate Planning

We have experience in drafting estate plans of all types and sizes and can help you create a will and trust that help ease the burden on your family and maximize your tax benefits.

Having an estate planning attorney is more than just finding someone to put the right names in a document and hit the print button.  It is knowing your family has someone to call when something happens to you. We want to be that someone. 

We have experience in drafting estate plans of all sizes. Whether it is a simple will or complex asset protection plan, we can help guide individuals and families to the strategy that makes sense for them. We counsel clients on developing plans that maximize tax savings and eliminate the need and expense of probate.

LoMonaco Law - Estate Planning Attorneys

The Process

Figuring out the right estate plan for you and your family is typically a two-appointment process.  The first appointment is always on us, so you can feel comfortable knowing exactly what you are signing up for and exactly how much it will cost.  In the first appointment we aim to accomplish the following:

  • Explain to you the different types of estate planning documents and what each of them does;
  • Review the cost of the different options with you;
  • Have you select which option, if any, you want to move forward with;
  • Collect all the information we need form you in order to prepare the documents.  This includes who you want to select as beneficiary, trustees, executors and other important information. Most people find it helpful to think about this information and discuss it with their family prior to meeting with us.

The first appointment typically takes about 1 hour.

The second appointment is reviewing the documents we have prepared and signing them.  We collect payment at the second appointment as well.  The second appointment is usually much shorter in duration and takes around 30 minutes.

The Cost

We are as transparent about the cost of estate plans as we can be. Here is our current pricing information:

Standard Revocable Trust Package (Most Common):

Includes a standard Revocable Trust, Pour-over Will, and Power of Attorney for Healthcare and drafting of Quit-Claim Deeds for all properties to be moved into the Trust.

  • Couple: $2,500
  • Individuals: $2,000
  • Price is not inclusive of recording fees for Quit Claim Deeds. These will vary by county and will be calculated on a case by case basis.
  • Addition of a Financial Power of Attorney available for $100.00 per person.

Standard Irrevocable Trust Package:

  • Includes a standard irrevocable life insurance trust, Pour-over Will, and Power of Attorney for Healthcare.
  • Couple: $3,500
  • Individuals: $2,500

Trust Amendments and Codicils:

Hourly at Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) per hour.

Will Package:

Includes standard Will and Power of Attorney for Healthcare

  • Couple: $1,000
  • Individuals: $750
  • Addition of a Financial Power of Attorney available for $100.00 per person.

Power of Attorney:

  • Healthcare $150
  • Financial $150
  • HIPPA Authorization $150
  • Property $150

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